Tactical Heroes maps

The data is for your own private use only.
It is available here for more complicated analysis of the data.
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Info about the numbers in the downloads.
Gender column is the family...
0 Corleone
1 Tattaglia
2 Stracci
3 Barzini
4 Cuneo

To load With command line...
  1. To load: mysql -u root -p mysql <....sql
  2. To dump back into csv: mysqldump -T /tmp/ -u root -p mysql mapbyid_?? users alliances
Change "root" + "mysql" to whatever the user name/database name is.
And is whatever the MapId number is.

With GUI in windows...
  1. Download mysql (for windows, click on the "development" tab and use >=v5.5 the older versions have problems with too many opened files.)
  2. For windows: Download HeidiSql
  3. Make a new session, you only need to set the password on this screen if mysql was installed on the same computer.
  4. In HeidiSQL click:
    1. Select a database on the left, "mysql" is usually there.
    2. Import -> Load sql data -> pick the .sql file that you had extracted
    3. Tools -> Preferences -> export -> change "fields separated by" to , (comma). Change "Limit Copy as CSV Copy" to 50MB
    4. Tools -> Preferences -> data -> change "Number of rows displayed in data tab" to "1000000"
    5. Click the "Refresh" icon, then select the table in the database, which is either users,alliances,map,mapbyid_???
    6. Go to the "data" tab, press ctrl-end to load all the data into the grid.
    7. Export -> export grid

Foreign characters
To get the foreign characters to appear correctly for some games. Before running any queries, use...
set character_set_connection = 'latin1';
set character_set_client = 'latin1';
set character_set_results = 'latin1';

Video instructions here